Thursday, 25 February 2010

Pre-Production Diary

25 Feb 10
Starting to think about my MA final project in light of the various lectures. I had already been considering a documentary photography project in Vietnam as this is an area of interest to me. I had been fascinated with the politics of the country since 1945 until the late 70's and the departure of the Americans. I had seen images by Phillip Griffith-Jones, Tim Page (including his recent TV documentary and book 'Another Vietnam'), Don McCullen and others who had taken some of the iconic images of the war. Malcom Brown and his 1963 image showing the self immolation of the Buddhist Monk Quang Duc; Eddie Adams & his 1968 image of the street execution; Ronald Haeberles 1968 My Lai massacre and Nick Uts 1972 photograph of the 'Flight of Phan Thi Kim Phuc.
My interest is leaning to the plight of the population rather than straight war images. There are lots taken during the American conflict by both Griffith Jones in his books 'Vietnam Inc' (1971)and 'Vietnam at Peace' (2005) and Tim Page 'Another Vietnam' 2002. There are literally thousands of books about the Vietnamese war with the Americans and its narrowing them down to the pertinant ones which is my problem!
I decided to keep my options open (with the advice of Rob Coley) whilst carrying out the research. They are:-
  • To capture the feeling and mood of the people today through portraiture and/or going about their everyday lives.
  • To explore the degree to which the war with the Americans is being exploited by the Vietnamese to earn money through tourism and in particular Americans. ‘Tourism of War’.
  • Western influences on Vietnam, despite their rejection of ‘capitalism’ in 1954 (North) 1975 (South)

The areas for research I am undertaking are:-

  • The story and images behind Vietnams post-WWII situation (1945-2000)
  • Vietnam story today and images.
  • Logistics of the project.
  • Post Production and the exhibition.

Need to be careful this doesn't end up a holiday brochure journal, although if any images can be sold separately, why not?

17 - 25 Jan 10

I have been concentrating the rfesearch for and the drawing up Portfolio 1 + a presentation for the 1st pitch due on 3 March

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