Thursday, 4 February 2010

Production 2 - Initial Idea

The initial idea came to me when watching a TV advert for a Radio 4 programme. I know, how sad that is, but I was trying to get Loncoln out of my mind. The programme was to discuss a series of celebrity nominated items which they saw as influential in shaping the last 50 years. I.e Richard Attenborough – The Microchip. Tony Benn – The Blackberry. Other items included Breast Implants, GPS, The sun battery, The Twin Tower attack and plastic bottles. Some of you may think that I should have gone without the breast implants, but Andy Pipkin of 'Little Britain' obviously had a greater impact than I imagined!

I thought it would be challenging to look at similar events in my lifetime and to represent them as still images.
I began by making lists which broke down into three categories. They were:
  1. PERSONAL - this encompassed things like leaving home for the first time, (I was 5) living overseas, starting a career, getting married and starting a family, getting divorced, having grandchildren, special interests and hobbies, retirement and university and a tragedy. These would fit most peoples lives as a general heading, but the actual event is different emotionaly for us all. I.e some people are sad when a divorce happens, I sent out thank you cards!
  2. WORLD EVENTS - Death of Kennedy, Vietnam War images, the 3 day week, the Thatcher years with the Miners strikes, Lockerbie, the Twin Towers.
  3. INVENTIONS - The vernier guage, the calculator (yes, I remember log books and slide rules) Nylon shirts, the Sony Walkman, Television, commercial aircraft, the mobile phone, central heating.

The list is obviously by no means exhaustive and will continue to grow.
To say that there isn't much that hasn't been photographed may be stating the obvious, but some things have been photographed more than others. (Old Grimsby saying) I therefore need to find interesting images/concepts to capture my lists.
A touch of browsing gave the following 'different' views of well known subjects:-

Computing etc

Television & Satellite

Travel Images

Marriage/Divorce/Fekin Kids

This image really did bring a tear to my eyes as I have a Down'n Syndrome daughter.
This image captures the beauty that these children bring to the world.

Blogging so far
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2. The layout is not seen as it is in the edit mode.

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