Thursday, 25 February 2010

Production 2 - Diary

Update 25 February 2010
I have had a complete change of mind about this project!!
It would be useful for me to get some sort of dress rehearsal for the Final Project and so have decided to take the rail journey from Singapore to Bangkok over the Easter period. I was intrigued in that in the 1960's we saw a decline in the use of the rrailways in the UK with the increase in the use of the motor car, the building of motorways and the increasing availibility of cheap air travel. Under the 'Beeching' report we scaled back the size of the network drastically.
The opposite was true in Asia and in the 1960's the 'Trans Asia Railway' was agreed to ling Singapore to Istanbul by conecting existing tracks and constructing new were required. The 'ASEAN and Indo-China sub region' has 12,600km of track in use with the section between Singapore and Bangkok in daily use, including part of the Burma -Siam railway built by POW's in WWII.
My project is to take this journey in three phases (8hrs SIN-KL; 6 hrs KL-BUTTERWORTH and 22 hrs BUTTERWORTH-BKK) I will look to capture images of life at the side of the track of those who travel, work or make a living from the railway. The images will be primarily 'active' portrait images accompanied by link images, text and sound.
Current Research includes travel images (Basil Pao, Lou Jones, Duncan Evans) Lonely Planet Guides, National Geographic, A History of Malaysia.
The logistics of the visit are now completed and will be included as part of the research document.

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