Friday, 5 March 2010

Pre-Production Diary

Update 5 March 2010

It's been another really busy week on Pre-production with the presentations and Portfolio 1 all having to be ready and handed in this week. The presentations on Wednesday were all professionally presented and useful for picking up ideas. The logistics of my visit to Vietnam have come to the fore with the need to investigate Visa leadtimes and air fares etc. The Visa can waite until early June. Using an agency will require about 1 week to process. Air fares are at an affordable low with 16 weeks to departure and I was able to book from London via Bangkok to Saigon with Thai Airways. I am using Intrepid Guerba to travel with inside Vietnam, a company I know and trust.

The option 'Tourism of War' seems to be the preferred option as this could potentially capture a series of images which are different to conventional overseas photographs. I would be taking an ironical view of the country. Need to research Martin Parr travel images. The question I have to ask myself is that if I were to go down this humerous but poigniant route, will it in any way ridicule Vietnams history???

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