Monday, 29 March 2010

Pre-Production Diary

Update 29 March 2010

This weeks time was fully taken up on research. I have been looking at the work and career of Griffith-Jone's 'Peacetime', Tim Page's '10 Years after' and Tim Page's book 'Another Vietnam' showing images taken by photographers sympathetic to the North Vietnamese. The genre of images of the first two photographers depicted the struggle for recovery Vietnam faced after the war with the US. Both books hinted at disapproval for the way the single nation was left to fen for itself. They made use of what the Americans had left behind to kick start a devastated people and economy. No 'Marshall Aid' plan was available for them.
The book 'Another Vietnam' was primarily images used for propaganda purposes although other photographs had been added. The book was also accompanied by a TV documentary last year.
It is difficult to envisage war images as potentially sublime, but this book certainly contains several.
I have also been looking at Martin Parr's work on tourism. His tong in cheek approach to linking people to their surroundings when away from home with the use of garish colours is a consideration for the way I approach this project. My dilemma is one of being disparaging to the Vietnamese, which would be morally difficult for me.

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