Monday, 15 March 2010

Production 2 - Diary

Update 15 March 2010

This week has been one of those 'sort things out' weeks. I have finalised the travel plans internally in SE Asia. Two problems have arisen - I am unable to book rail tickets for the last leg of the journey from Butterworth into Thailand, so will have to do this in KL. Secondly, as can be seen in the news, they are 'handbags at dawn' in Thailand. If they have a 'sit in' at the airport again, problems for me. Fortunately Thailand is not my port of entry or exit back to Europe. My back up will be to travel as far as the Thai border and return to Singapore by the same route. After discussions with Rob, I am electing to slant the images and interviews to the railway today and the effect if any of the new budget airline 'AirAsia' and the road network. Who uses the railway and why? How do they cope with these long slow journeys? Are they an ordeal or an adventure to remember? Is it a vital artery for the Peninsular or has its day gone? Is the system busy or falling into disrepair as people potentially move to other forms of transport? Alternatively, is it a thriving community, engendering the same love and affection the Indians put on their system? Is the dream of linking Singapore to Budapest still alive in the view of the travellers?
Research has been around the importance of the railway to Malaysia/Thailand, some video practice with a compact camera. Bit wobbly, so I need to get out with camera and sound his week.

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