Monday, 29 March 2010

Production 2 - Diary

Update 29 March 2010
This week has been a 'get ready' week for the practical side of this project. Yes, I am going to take some images!! Kit is all checked, batteries fully charged, and all packed. Probably weighs about 50kg.
I carried out some sound recording try-outs using several methods and whilst the Marantz was by far the best in terms of sound quality, it's too bulky to be practical when also carrying a 1kg camera and lens.
I am taking two approaches using portraiture and landscape similarly to Martin Parr but with a documentary approach. I am shooting for 'Life on the Railway today' and 'The effects of the recession in South East Asia.' I will decide upon my return which to use for the project. The images of the effects of the recession could be held back and expanded to use the same approach in Vietnam as a combined series of pictures.
Next communication will be from Malaysia.

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