Thursday, 8 April 2010

Production 2 - Diary

Update 8 April 2010 - Thailand

I have made it to friends from Englandwho live in Pattaya after 8 days of quite tiring traveling on rail, road and ferry from Singapore to Bangkok. This involved 2 x 7 hours and 1 x 22 hours on the railway. I got lots of images of life associated with the railway, each a story in themselves but part of the plot of life of a railway. Most disturbing was the apparent commandeering of peoples homes to build the new railway in Malaysia. This would make for a series of documentary images in their own right. The slums as the train enters Bangkok are upsetting and in complete contrast to the quaint stations seen farther south.
Some technical issues when travelling by train in this part of the world:

1. Every time you get off of the train, the lens condensates up!

2. Two cameras with different lens are essential. (17-55 and 18-200) Don't try changing lens on a moving train.

3. Be prepared to be continually changing ASA values to match the speed of the train.

4. Be prepared to bribe the guard to clen the windows. Scratches you can do nothing about.

In addition to the still images I have been able to capture some video, sound and interviews with people. Am having a couple of days off without the camera before I begin image selection. Back in the UK on 14 April.

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