Monday, 23 August 2010

FINAL PROJECT - The Spirit of Vietnam 2010

1 - 23 August 2010

My time since returning to the UK has been taken up in selecting through some 2200 images to a final selection of ca 110 for the proposed book. I have been working with Blurb software and am looking to produce on 13"x11" format. I have been using Ros as my prime mentor and communicating directly in Lincoln or via the web.
I am now on ver 6 of the book and am aiming to go to print on 26 Aug which will allow me to have time for a re-print if required. (I wont obviously be attending the print run.)

The book has been broken down into chapters which include; Ho Chi Minh and the Remnants of war, life on the Mekong Delta, Life in the cities, life on the land, life on the sea and rivers and finally 'Open for Business' which covers industry and tourism of a non-military interest. I found it useful once I had reached ver 3 to print a mock up book using a B&W laser printer. I have printed ver 6 in colour to achieve a better impression of the finished book albeit A4 size.

In addition to the book it is my intention to produce a Slideshow and obviously images for the exhibition. These will all be selected from the book images although the exhibition images will concentrate on Remnants of war and dark tourism.

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