Tuesday, 21 September 2010

FINAL PROJECT - The Spirit of Vietnam 2010
14 - 21 Sep 2010
The 2nd printed book has returned and is much improved on the 1st proof. The printing system doesn't like a blue sky and has a 'mottled' effect, otherwise the quality is reasonably good for the price. (I have seen this before on colour photocopying without being able to effect a solution.)
The Slideshow is complete excepting for the link to my website.
The exhibition images have all been hung and any comments prior to the exhibition would be welcome.
The written evaluation is completed and along with all of the work will be handed in tomorrow.

Monday, 13 September 2010

FINAL PROJECT - The Spirit of Vietnam 2010
5 - 13 Sep 2010
I finally received the book and whilst quite pleased with the product, there was a tendancy for the images to be a little on the dark side. In addition I have made changes to the content of the text and at Clems suggestion made the text size less intrusive. I have now uploaded for the final print. The book can be reviewed on http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/1582811
The Slideshow is now virtually complete excepting for some layout issues which should be resolved this week.
I have now selected 12 images for the exhibition with three reserves. I am off to Lincoln today for framing with a view to making the final selection on Wednesday.
I am now well into the writen evaluation although the revised word count of 2500 is on the low side to cover the work flow and thought processes. This will be nearer 6000 by next week.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

FINAL PROJECT - The Spirit of Vietnam 2010

24 Aug - 4 Sep 2010

The book went away for 1st print on 26 August and this morning resides in Scunthorpe waiting for delivery. The tracking system showed it going to Paris three times so I'm not really sure where it is. Anyone printing a book should allow 12 days on a fast delivery.
The beginning of last week was taken up with the slide show production. It is still being tweaked but I would welcome anyones comments.
The slideshow takes images from the 1st Chapter of the book and is titled 'Remnants of War - Vietnam 2010' It deals with how Vietnam exhibits this period of their history both to the indigenous population and the visitor by covering three aspects of dark tourism: Adulation (Uncle Ho), Participation (Cu Chi Tunnels) and Commemoration (Son My/My Lai).
Sound has been added in the form of personal commentary and background recorded sounds. My voice sometimes has a 'warble' effect when played back and I would welcome comments on this if anyone experiences the same. (We have tested the master voice recording in a sound lab and it is OK) I don't think the BBC will be recruiting me as a David Attenborough replacement!
Ros is kindly working on the title/gallery layout as they have a top heavy location bias.
I have also began printing and selection work on the Exhibition images and am docusing on the dark tourism shots. 7x5 contact images are now stuck to my kitchen wall as I reflect upon the best selection.